Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.


Meet Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.

Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. is a medical expert and entrepreneur based in Waterbury, Connecticut. He has years of experience in the industry and has worked hard to get to where he is today. In addition, Philip is an author and public speaker, showcasing his ability to share his expertise with the world.

About Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.

They say that those born with an entrepreneurial spirit will always find a way to make it work. For Philip Mongelluzzo Jr., that is certainly the truth. Phil has found a way to blend his passion for the medical industry with his need to establish new endeavors. Best of all, it has provided him with unique opportunities to improve the lives of those around him. The first thing Phil professionally created was This site is a training seminar developed for the pharmaceutical industry. It offers help with communication skills and product launches, among other things. 


With time, Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. gained enough professional experience to launch his first company,  Dr. Philip A. Mongelluzzo Jr, LLC. The company, which offered various Allopathic and Alternative Health Care options, operated from 2002 to September 2019. 

Pulse4Pulse, LLC was founded in 2017, and Philip still acts as founder and CMO. Pulse4Pulse offers state-of-the-art microvascular disease data and testing and has worked with organizations such as the NFL Hall of Fame and American Diabetes Association.  


This brings us to the two most recent initiatives created by Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. The first is Care Beyond Medicine, PLLC. Care Beyond Medicine is an Internal Medicine Practice offering a wide array of Allopathic and Alternative Health Care services. Finally, there’s Next Level Care CT LLC. Next Level Care CT was very recently founded – in January 2023. It is a Concierge Internal Medicine Practice that offers various services in keeping with Philip’s skills and beliefs. These services include Allopathic and Alternative Health Care options, such as state-of-the-art microvascular disease testing and biofeedback.


In 2015, Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. published his first book. It was titled “Achieving Health and Happiness with 30 Daily Doables.” Inside, one will find secrets and tips to help you make breakthroughs in your overall well-being. This book was made for anyone hoping to live a healthier and happier life. Philip took care to collect easily actionable tips, making it easier for any reader to implement – and, more importantly, maintain. You can find his book on Amazon.

While Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.’s entrepreneurial spirit has much to do with his success, there’s no denying that his education laid an essential foundation for him. Philip attended Saint Peter’s College and graduated with a BS in Biology. Following this, he went to Creighton University School of Medicine, earning his Doctor of Medicine and graduating with honors. 

When Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. isn’t busy with work or founding a new business, he enjoys giving back to his community. One way he does through is by coaching. Since 2016, Philip has been the Varsity Head Coach for the Holy Cross High School Girl’s Soccer team. As a soccer fan and fitness enthusiast, it makes sense that he is so involved in coaching. Philip also enjoys playing golf during his spare time.

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