Building a more collaborative environment is vital to addressing business operations’ challenges following the pandemic. It is also important to enhance the collaborative efforts of both internal and external partners. Here are some proven steps that can help businesses improve their collaboration efforts.

Practice Transparency

Although it’s unnecessary to disclose every detail of your company’s financials to every employee, transparency is still important to ensure that everyone is informed about the company’s goals. A successful partnership is built on transparency. It shows that the company is committed to achieving its goals and doing so in a way that benefits everyone involved.

Define Success

If your partners don’t have a common goal, you’ll likely prioritize various activities daily, leading to inconsistent outcomes. Conduct an open and honest interview when hiring or onboarding new employees. Before you agree to work together, make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what success is. Having a shared goal helps everyone follow the same direction.

Healthy Communication

Even though your organizations may seem aligned, regular communication is still important to ensure everything is on track. Big and small issues can arise during the course of a partnership.

Regular communication helps maintain the consistency of your organization and prevents minor issues from arising. It can also identify when necessary course corrections need to be made. It keeps partners in sync and eliminates misunderstandings.

Incorporate Technology

One of the biggest obstacles to successful collaboration is the lack of the proper technology. Despite the advancements that have been made in the field, many industries still remain behind when it comes to adopting new technology.

Blockchain and cloud-based technology can help boost collaboration by allowing everyone to have one view of the truth. It can make it easier for partners and team members to access the knowledge they need, helping them perform their duties more efficiently.


Whether it’s between your company’s departments or with business partners, research has shown that doing so can help boost your organization’s performance. Organizations should adopt a transparent and consistent communication strategy to effectively utilize technology. This will help them achieve their goals with their external and internal partners.